Digital Printing is relatively new technology that allows us to print very short runs of very high quality printing with acceptable cost.

Cups with digital printing are the perfect solution for the demand for small quantities print runs combined with the demand for high quality printing.

special shelf packaging

In the digital technology, we can print very high quality pictures on cups.

The quality of printing is superior to Flexo and Offset.

There is no minimum quantity for digitally printed cups, so we start from a commercial packaging of 1000 Cups, China-Pack, Plates etc. There is no printing plates charge for digitally printed products, so for small quantities the customer is paying only for the cups.

We can ship all over the world boxes with small quantities for special events, special promotions or new businesses.

You are invited to challenge us with special graphics, as this technology is made for that!

The digital printing is new in our factory and soon we’ll be able to produce all our sizes with this new technology.

For more information visit our Digital Paper Cups Printing website

Tavor digital printing cups

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