At D.C. Paper we produce a full line of cold paper cups for the fast food & beverage industries.

We have 7 standard cold cups in a beautiful fruit design.
7 standard cold cups

We can supply personalised cups as well as standard printed ones from stock.
The minimum custom printing quantity is 50,000 cups.

For lower quantities please refer to Tavor Digital Cups which are supplied with no minimum quantity and no printing plates charges.
  PET transparent dome lids
PET transparent dome lids are available for cup sizes 14oz and 16oz

Cold Paper Cups A3 A2 A1 I1 B1 F1 H1
Code Cups A3
6oz 180ml
8oz 250ml
12oz 350ml
14oz 400cc
16oz 500cc
21oz 630cc
32oz 1000cc
Cups: Bag Case 50/1000 50/1000 50/1000 50/1000 50/1000 50/1000 25/500
External Dimensions in mm 385x315x425 385x315x425 410x330x432 452x367x653 450x364x692 450x364x692 540x230x710
Code Lids LA3 LA2 LA1 LB1 LB1 LB1 LH1
Lids Bag Case 100/1000 100/1000 100/2500 100/1000 100/1000 100/1000 50/1000
External Dimensions in mm 410x165x350 420x170x350 450x450x440 465x195x465 465x195x465 465x195x465 555x450x245

Cold cups with logos

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Contact us:
D.C.Paper and Plastic Industries Ltd. P.O.Box 164 Kibutz Horashim 45865, Israel Tel: 972 3 9005555 Fax: 972 3 9005500