Coffee Hand

Coffee Hand insulation sleeves (clutches/jackets) for paper cups are the ideal solution for holding hot paper cups. Coffee Hand insulation sleeves (also known as clutches or jackets) are supplied pre–assembled and are made of the same type of paper as the paper cup. It is very easy to put Coffee Hand insulation sleeves around a cup as they match the shape of the cup. Using Coffee Hand insulation sleeves will eliminate double–cupping in a cost-effective and environmentally–friendly way. It will also promote sales of coffee–to–go as customers really appreciate the benefits and performance of the cup sleeves.
Why Coffee Hand insulation sleeves are the best solution to hold hot drinks in paper cups:
  • Coffee Hand gives a very comfortable hold even when the drink is very hot.
  • Coffee Hand is produced from the same paper as the paper cup and gives a uniform look.
  • Coffee Hand is printable with up to four colors.
  • Coffee Hand increases sales and customer satisfaction.
Coffee Hand insulation sleeves are supplied in two standard sizes: (Case External Dimensions in mm)
Coffee-Hand Code to Fit
Cup Sizes:
Pieces/case Case
6oz - 10oz
1000 406x374x185
10oz - 21oz
1000 390x390x265
Each Coffee Hand insulation sleeve is produced with hundreds of cushioning bumps to ensure the best insulation from the hot cup

We can print Coffee Hand insulation sleeves with up to four colors. The minimum quantity for printing is 50,000.

Offer your customers a coffee clutch, sleeve or jacket to keep their hands cool while insulating the cup to keep the drink hot.
Note: Coffee sleeves, cup sleeves, cup wraps and clutches are different names or terms for the same product. The aim of all is to protect the hand from the heat of the paper cup.

Coffee Hand insulation sleeves are exported to many European countries and enjoy the full benefits of the free trade agreement between Israel and the EC: no custom tariffs and extremely low transportation (shipping) costs. At D.C.Paper, we also produce a full line of hot and cold paper cups for the fast food and ice cream industry. D.C.Paper is a supplier to Coca–Cola, Pepsi Cola, McDonalds, Burger King, and many other satisfied customers in Israel and abroad.

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