Colourful high quality paper plates are used in the food service industry as well as in home parties and dinners.

The round paper plates are manufactured in three standard sizes: 18cm, 23cm, 27cm.

A variety of standard designs are supplied as sets with a matching 8oz cup.
special shelf packaging

All designs could be supplied in special shelf packaging (shrink pack) with labels and barcodes.

We also have stock items for office or restaurant use of white plates in bulk packaging of 500 plates.

Paper Plates

Code TR18 TR23 TR27
Plate Size 18cm 23cm 27cm
Plates: Bag/Case 250/500 250/500 250/500
Case External Dimensions in mm 395x200x290 455x240x290 565x290x280

Paper Plates

DC Pack 30 Years
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