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Tavor is the brand name for the finest quality paper cups, manufactured by D.C. Paper and Plastic Industries Ltd.

Paper Cups for hot coffee are the main product line of D.C. Paper.
The leading cup design, Cafe Marble, is trendy, young, stylish, and attractive. This has made it very popular among coffee lovers. The Cafe Marble line is made of a single poly-lined heavy board and excels in quality and design. The Cafe Marble line is the most attractive line of hot cups in Europe today. High quality and contemporary design make it the leading hot cup in the coffee shops market.
Many coffee shops appreciate the
contemporary appearance of the
Cafe Marble design and it often
becomes a part of the coffee shops decor.

The Cafe Marble design is available in all the popular sizes from 4 to 16oz.
On Special demand we also produce hot paper cups in size 21oz.

Hot Paper Cups G1H A3H A2H A1H O1H I1H B1H
Code Cups G1H
4oz 100cc
6oz 180cc
8oz 250cc

10oz 330cc
10oz 330cc
12oz 400cc
16oz 500cc
Cups: Bag/Case 100/3000 50/1000 50/1000 50/1000 50/1000 50/1000 50/1000
Case External Dimensions in mm 395x334x577 385x315x425 385x315x425 410x330x432 452x367x640 452x367x653 452x364x670
Code Lids LG1HH
Dome Lid
Dome Lid
Dome Lid
Dome Lid
Dome Lid
Dome Lid
Dome Lid
Lids/Bag/Case 100/1000 100/1000 100/1000 100/1000 100/1000 100/1000 100/1000
Case External Dimensions in mm 335x275x215 460x177x425 436x178x449 460x177x425 480x205x527 480x205x527 480x205x527

paper cups  

The Cafe Marble line includes individually designed lids that securely fit each size of cup.  We have two kinds of lids: dome lids with taste marks and fold-back flat lids. For two sizes (8oz, 10-16oz) we also keep in stock black lids.

custom printing cups
Custom printed hot coffee cups.
Tavor Paper Cups are printed on state-of-the art flexographic presses. We print up to four colors including 4-color process capability. Tavor’s minimum order for custom printing is 50,000 cups per size.

For lower quantities please refer to Tavor Digital Cups which are supplied with no minimum quantity and no printing plates charges.

Carrier trays for coffee cups.
We produce an attractive tray for carrying two cups. The tray was specifically designed to securely hold the whole range of Tavor cup sizes. Two trays can easily be joined to produce a four-cup tray. Trays can also be custom printed with logos.

  Carrier trays for coffee cups
Stirrers for coffee
We supply a special stirrer that at the end has the shape of a spoon. These stirrers are supplied in a beautiful carton dispenser. The spoon stirrer is very popular for use in coffee shops and offices
  The spoon stirrer
Tavor Paper Cups are exported to many European countries and enjoy the full benefits of the free trade agreement between Israel and the EC: no customs tariffs and extremely low transportation (shipping) costs. At D.C. Paper we also produce a full line of cold paper cups for the fast food and ice cream industry. D.C. Paper is a supplier to Coca-Cola, Pepsi Cola, McDonalds, Burger King, and many other satisfied customers in Israel and abroad.
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Hot Paper Cup

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