About Us

The D.C. group comprises 2 companies:
D.C. Pack, Ltd.
D.C. Paper & Plastic Industries Ltd

The D.C. group was founded in 1984, and since inception it has specialized in offering protective packaging solutions for fragile products. The group has two ISO 9000 certified factories in two different locations, with over 200 employees, some of which have been with D.C. from the very beginning.

The group offers complete packaging solutions to Hi-Tech companies, with special expertise for the packaging of sensitive products. The company issues a detailed catalogue that includes a huge variety of packaging options: some of the products are manufactured by the group itself, giving D.C. a distinct market advantage over regular trading companies.

About the factories and distribution center:

D.C. Paper & Plastic Industries Ltd.

The Facility located in Allon Tavor, near Afula. Is a fully automated factory working three full shifts. The company produces disposable paper cups (TAVOR CUPS), in various sizes, for the fast- food industry and home/office use. The company produces Chinese food containers (food pails). This packaging is used for home deliveries of Asian food or any other fast food. The company brand: China pack is becoming a generic name for this kind of packaging due to its excellent performance in packaging of hot food for home deliveries. The wide range of printing possibilities for the cups creates high quality, aesthetic, colorful products. The company manufactures paper cups for hot drinks, cold drinks, and ice cream, and supplies the plastic lids for them. D.C. Paper exports its products to numerous countries and competes both on quality and prices with other leading manufacturers.

D.C. paper also produces padded bags PELEPACK, with bubble wrap padding, D.C. offers a variety of plastic bubble bags and polyethylene lined bags. Padded bags are used to deliver fragile items by post The factory further produces loose fill polystyrene chips. These chips are used to pack fragile objects and as void fill in packaging applications. The group’s distribution center is located in Kibbutz Horashim. All D.C. products-both manufactured and imported-are delivered out of this central facility.

D.C. Pack Ltd

The Facility is situated in Kibutz Horashim. D.C Pack produces packaging made of different cushioning materials, like INSTAPAK – polyurethane foam, STRATOCELL – high efficiency polyethylene foam, PROFIPACK – Polyethylene foam profiles, flexible polyurethane foam ,and cardboard boxes of any kind to complete the protective packaging.. The factory specializes in designing and producing protective packaging in very short time spans, and in any quantity. The company also combines the various cushioning methods with the right type of cardboard box, so as to create a complete packaging solution. D.C.Pack imports packaging materials and over the years has created strong ties with leading international producers. All the company’s suppliers are ISO 9000 certified and excel in quality and competitive prices

Distribution Center

The group’s distribution center is located in Kibbutz Horshim. All D.C. products both manufactured and imported – are delivered out of this central facility.

D.C thousands of customers are of primary importance for the company. It is thanks to them and the technical developments that were made to answer their specific packaging requirements, that the D.C.group has become the leader in this field.

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